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Samuel Dadzie, MD

Hometown / State-Country: Alexandria, Virginia
Undergraduate School:  Virginia Commonwealth University
Medical School:   Ross University School of Medicine
Goals:  Build lifelong relationships with my fellow residents and attendings

Why NHRMC:   Small community program with a lot of hands on experience and great autonomy. Friday board review was the deal breaker!

David Girguis, MD

Hometown / State-Country: Greensboro, NC
Undergraduate School:  NC State University - the greatest school ever!
Medical School:   MUA (Medical University of the Americas)
Goals:  To become a hospitalist and obtain the proper skills and training necessary to take care of my patients.

Why NHRMC:   I was born and raised in NC. I am very biased to the state but also believe it has some of the best schools in the country as well as some of the best hospitals, cities, vacation spots, and people in the country! Staying in NC was important to me, especially giving back to the community in general. NHRMC is on the coast and I always knew I loved the beach and wanted to live there, but the program was exactly what I was looking for as well. I love a program with a family atmosphere where everyone feels part of the patient's decision making process and I found just that here at NHRMC. I like to feel close with my co-residents and work with them daily; I like to be able to approach my attendings whenever I have a question and have them easily accessible. I didn't want to go to a program that was so large the residents hardly ever interacted much. We are an awesome and close family here at NHRMC and I'm happy every day to be a part of it!

Eric Hansberry, MD

Hometown / State-Country:   Wilmington, North Carolina USA
Undergraduate school:    UNC – Chapel Hill
Medical School:   Windsor University School of Medicine
Goals:    Hospitalist

Why NHRMC:       I grew up in Wilmington and always dreamed of coming back one day and working at NHRMC.  The entire faculty and staff  are so friendly and welcoming.  The extremely supportive and encouraging atmosphere created by the attendings and upper level residents is one of the many aspects that I love about the Internal Medicine Department.  I am so fortunate to be part of such a wonderful program.  It’s also great to be home close to my parents and the beach!

Matthew Hilsman, DO

Hometown / State - Country: Wilmington, NC
Undergraduate:  Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC
Medical School:  Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Blacksburg, VA

Poorvi King, MD

Hometown / State-Country: North Canton, Ohio, USA
Undergraduate School:  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Medical School:  Ross University School of Medicine
Goals:  Acquire the skills to let me become an outstanding and compassionate physician.  I’d like to match into a Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship.

Why NHRMC:   Interview day gave me the feeling that NHRMC was "the one".  I felt like I belonged here.  Also, I loved that all the residents seemed genuinely happy - busy, but not haggard like they were miserable.  Everyone is extremely helpful and supportive of one another which not only makes it easier to learn, but makes coming to work enjoyable.

Ajeet Nagra, MD

Hometown / State – Country:  Los Angeles, California  USA
Medical School:  University of the West Indies
Goals:  Well-rounded clinician / academic hospitalist

Why NHRMC:   NHRMC provides an outstanding environment to learn in.  The friendly hospital staff and the exceptional residency faculty support us in achieving our career goals.  Our primary academic affiliation, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was newly ranked in 2015 by U.S. News and World Report as the #2 medical school in the country for primary care medicine.  The strong academic foundation, beautiful beaches and amenitites that NHRMC and the City of Wilmington have to offer made choosing this program the easiest decision of my life.

Magha Sharma, MD

Hometown/State-Country: Wilmington, NC
Undergraduate School: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Medical School: America University of the Caribbean, Sint Maarten
Goals: Considering a fellowship, establish roots in community

Why NHRMC: Good nurturing environment that allows for personal and professional growth. Lots of hands-on experiences.  Sense of  connection with the community whether they are clinics or other activities.  Being close to home and the beach is always a plus.


M. Jesse Crooks, MD

Hometown / State - Country:     Sumter, SC
Undergraduate:  University of South Carolina
Medical School:  University of South Carolina School of Medicine
Goals:  Hematology / Oncology fellowship, finish first novel, learn Judo

Why NHRMC:  Enjoy smaller group learning along with relaxed atmosphere, no fellowships to compete for procedures, underserved community, near to home and the beach.  Also feel strong culture within the residency toward resident wellness.

Tyler Dickson, MD

Hometown / State - Country:     Charleston, WV
Undergraduate:  West Virginia University
Medical School:  American Universities of the Caribbean School of Medicine
Goals:   Cardiology Fellowship / Hospitalist Medicine

Why NHRMC:  I chose NHRMC because of the excellent learning environment, very supportive faculty and staff, great track record for fellowship match, and because of our affiliation with UNC Chapel Hill.  The residents are a close group and everyone gets along, which makes coming to work very enjoyable.  I also really like living in the Wilmington area by the beach.

Ashley Fedorov, DO

Hometown / State - Country: Wilson, NY
Undergraduate:  University at Buffalo
Medical School:  University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine
Goals:  Acquire skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding patient care.

Why NHRMC:  This was an easy decision for both my husband and I because we couple’s matched.  This program has well trained, evidence-based oriented faculty that prepare you to become a well knowledged physician.  NHRMC had a 100% IM board pass rate last year.  The residents are extremely friendly, hardworking and willing to teach.  Lastly, this is the optimal location for relaxation after a hard day of work with Wrightsville and Carolina Beach within minutes from the hospital.  Both my husband and I are extremely satisfied with our decision and couldn’t be more impressed with the education and training.

Viktor Fedorov, DO

Hometown / State - Country: Atlanta, Georgia
Undergraduate:  University of Iowa
Medical School:  University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine
Goals:  To learn evidence-based medicine from learned and experienced physicians so I can apply to my own practice.

Why NHRMC:  I was instantly enamored by the faculty and curriculum at NHRMC and, combined with their extensive history of producing skilled physicians, I knew this would be the residency to propel me to become a competent and knowledged medical practitioner.

Michael Kelleher, MD

Hometown / State - Country: Wilmington, DE
Undergraduate:  University of Dayton, OH
Medical School:  Ross University School of Medicine
Goals:  To successfully excel in NHRMC’s Internal Medicine residency and undergo a fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine.

Why NHRMC:  I chose NHRMC’s internal medicine residency program for many reasons, but the most important to me were its long history of success, the strong focus on improving patient care, and the ability to participate in meaningful research.  Additionally, many residency programs speak of a sense of family felt through residents and faculty working cooperatively together, but at NHRMC, the comradery and willingness to help each other succeed is second to none.  This residency program makes good on its promise to provide the tools to become worthwhile physicians.

Grant Oakley, DO

Hometown / State - Country:  Centerville, OH
Undergraduate:  Ohio State University
Medical School:  Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie
Goals:  Undecided on whether to go on to a fellowship (possibly nephrology) or work as a hospitalist.

Why NHRMC:  I matched here with my fiancé who is in the family medicine program.  We were looking for a program that gave us options and good overall experience.  Our program is big enough to have the resources for research opportunities, connections with other programs and great pathology in our patients, but also small enough that I know all of my fellow residents well and see them on a daily basis.  Plus the beach is 15 minutes away… which is always nice.

Mohammad Rasool, MD

Hometown / State - Country:  High Point, NC
Undergraduate:  University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Medical School:  St. James School of Medicine/Netherland Antellies
Goals:  To learn the basics and complexities of clinical medicine to become a successful physician.

Why NHRMC:  When I interviewed at NHRMC, I knew that this was the place for me for several reasons.  The residents here are from diverse ethnic background, friendly, and makes you feel welcomed when asking for help.  The faculty at NHRMC takes pride in teaching and training the best physicians in the region.  The residency program prepares residents to become great primary care physicians, as well as to achieve fellowships of their choosing.  It provides balanced education in inpatient and outpatient subspecialty rotations.  And finally, I grew up in North Carolina and love the four seasons weather, the beaches and can always drive home to see my folks.  


Luqman Baloch, MD

Hometown / State - Country:  Chicago, IL
Undergraduate:  Loyola University Chicago
Medical School:  University of Illinois Chicago
Goals:  Why NHRMC: This is the best commute I've ever had in my life. I live so close to the hospital and to the beach. Get to go visit any chance I get. All in all, I feel blessed to be here. Amazing People, Beautiful Place, Awesome Program.

Jayen Bhakta, MD

Hometown / State - Country:  Savannah, Tennessee (Go Big Orange) Undergraduate
School:  Southeastern University; Lakeland, Florida
Graduate School:  Florida State University; Tallahassee, Florida Medical School: Medical University of the Americas; Nevis, West Indies
Goals:  Fellowship

Why NHRMC:  The atmosphere here is unlike any other program. The faculty, staff, and other residents are happy and enjoy working/learning in a non-hostile environment. The lifestyle is great in Wilmington. They have a decent nightlife life scene, relaxing beaches, and delicious food.

Alan Bloszko, MD

Medical School:  University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Rami Gebrail, MD

Hometown / State - Country:  Wilmington, NC
Undergraduate:  Damascus University, Faculty of Medicine
Medical School:  Damascus University, Faculty of Medicine
Goals:  Hospitalist

Why NHRMC:  I chose NHRMC for different reasons: The diversity of patients you are given the privilege to interact with is unparalleled which consistently stimulates my curiosity. There is ample opportunity to learn how to manage both rare and “bread and butter” cases. Graduates from our program are knowledgeable, well-rounded, compassionate physicians who are prepared to conquer just about anything in medicine and beyond!

Charles Hoggard, DO

Hometown / State - Country:  Greenville, NC
Undergraduate:  Rhodes College
Medical School:  Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Goals:  To be a well-rounded physician and learn as much as possible during my time at NHRMC

Why NHRMC:  Outstanding faculty with a strong emphasis on resident education. Residents enjoy a great lifestyle and receive excellent training.

Hannah Masoud, MD

Medical School:  St. George’s University School of Medicine

Prasheen Shah, MD

Hometown / State - Country:  California, USA
Undergraduate:  AICASA (AUA premed)
Medical School:  AUA
Goals:  Learning the many intricacies of different disease processes and seeing how it all connects in a clear picture. My end goal is to provide a level and quality of care for my patients that I would want for myself or my loved ones.

Why NHRMC:  I wanted to be in a small closely knit supportive program. My interview experience confirmed that this was exactly the kind of program I was looking for.


Abhilash Guduru, MD

Hometown / State - Country:  Raleigh, NC
Undergraduate:  Johns Hopkins University
Medical School:  UNC School of Medicine
Goals:  To gain a solid foundation of internal medicine in preparation for a career in ophthalmology

Why NHRMC:  I rotated here as a third-year medical student and enjoyed my time here. The faculty and staff are extremely nice and welcoming. Living near the beach is fun, and the residents are awesome!

Dustin Rea, MD

Hometown / State-Country:  Bassett, VA
Undergraduate School:  University of Virginia
Medical School:  University of North Carolina
Goals: I'm hoping to get exposed to various clinical presentations and their various imaging findings that might better prepare me for my career in Radiology. 

Why NHRMC:  I rotated here as a medical student and found the staff and residents to be very welcoming. Also, the beach is pretty neat.